At CCK our focus is teaching simple, direct, effective, practical self-defense that works. You will learn to strike with proper body mechanics to develop power and protect you from injury. You will learn self-defense scenarios from every possible position.   We believe it is just as important to learn how not to put yourself in bad situations while defending yourself.

What you will NOT see at CCK:

  • Flashy high kicks
  • Magic powers, believe it or not some schools teach crazy stuff.
  • Crazy unrealistic weapons and weapons defense
  • Complicated unproven technique
  • Personally dangerous defensive strategies
  • Improper movement that could cause injury to you
  • How to count in another language
  • Teen or “Big ego” instructors that you cannot question

A few things you will learn:

  • Easy to learn street proven striking and grappling technique
  • Logical strategies to best avoid, de-escalate, deal with and escape from dangerous confrontations
  • The correct way to strike fast, efficiently and effectively
  • How to control the opponent standing and on the ground
  • How to properly stop takedowns and get to a standing position from the ground
  • Knife & stick fighting
  • Multiple attacker scenarios
  • Environment awareness
  • Professional instructors who encourage you to question what they are teaching

We take pride in teaching the most practical self-defense techniques available. To stay practical and to keep our instructors on their toes, we encourage you question the techniques we are teaching. You will advance your knowledge and skills in a relaxed, patient, encouraging, adult only atmosphere with talented professional instructors.